Yorktown Christian Academy Administrator/Head of School

Yorktown Baptist Church | Corpus Christi, TX

Posted Date 1/19/2023
First Posted1/19/2023

Yorktown Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school of Yorktown Baptist Church. It is established to provide a thorough academic education built upon a biblical worldview, assisting parents in the education of their children, and equipping students to become Christ-centered servant leaders in our community and around the world. The academy is a primary and integral ministry of Yorktown Baptist Church and its families.


Primary Responsibility

The primary responsibility of the Head of School is to promote and implement the mission and policies of the school, serving as a centralizing leadership figure within Yorktown Baptist Church, the school, and the local community. The Head of School should have a larger vision for the future direction of the school as a primary ministry of Yorktown Baptist Church, while continuing to support, encourage, and advance the current school philosophy.


Personal & Spiritual Requirements

  1. Fully agrees with Yorktown Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith and will strive to serve faithfully in the mission of the church.
  2. Has experience in education, administration, and management with an ability to think strategically and meet deadlines.
  3. Demonstrates organization, diplomacy, academic expertise, articulate speech, spiritual discipline, prayerfulness.
  4. Demonstrates a growing relationship with Christ.
  5. Demonstrates a conviction that God has called him/her to become involved in a Christian school ministry.
  6. Demonstrates Christian character, maturity, and leadership at home, in the church, and in the community.
  7. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal, listening, and coaching skills - is a good communicator.
  8. Minimum Requirement: Bachelor’s in Education with multiple years of experience.
  9. Preferred: Master’s in Education with commensurate experience


Operational and Administrative Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for doctrinal adherence to the statement of faith of Yorktown Baptist Church.
  2. Responsible for the administrative success of all school programs.
  3. Oversees and maintains accreditation.
  4. Proposes policy changes and ensures that approved policies are consistently implemented.
  5. Oversees the development and management of the annual budget.
  6. Oversees the operations, curriculum, finance, and marketing functions of the school.
  7. Oversees and coordinates recruitment of students.
  8. Oversees the International Mission Ministries of the school.
  9. Performs all admissions tasks necessary to achieve YCA objectives.
  10. Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding education, health, and safety.
  11. Oversees the planning and communication of all school wide events.
  12. Coordinates all internal and external school communications.
  13. Provides regular reports to the council, informing members of all relevant issues.
  14. Oversees the hiring, training, and managing of all staff including the execution of staff evaluations and recognition.
  15. Maintains a current personnel file consistent with school, ACSI, and governmental guidelines for each employee.
  16. Communicates to all parent constituencies to ensure understanding of all school policies and programs.
  17. Maintains school discipline policy in a consistent and respectful manner


Instructional Leadership and Development Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Builds and maintains a positive image for the school within the community and within the school.
  2. Works as a primary agent for institutional advancement and growth of the academy.
  3. Leads the evaluation of the academic curriculum so that it reflects the Christian priorities of the school.
  4. Stays up to date on the latest political and educational issues affecting the school.
  5. Encourages growth of the faculty through Christian development, in-service opportunities, and continued education.
  6. Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associations.



  1. The Head of School reports directly to the Senior Pastor of Yorktown Baptist Church & to the Council of Elders. The school also maintains an advisory board that serves as an advisory council to the Head of School and Council of Elders.
Christian School
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Our church/ministry is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
Our church/ministry understands and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
Southern Baptist TEXAN Announcement (max 50 words). Must include the church’s contact information for applicants, whether FT/PT, and the City/State.
Yorktown Baptist Church, in Corpus Christi TX, is searching for the next Administrator for their on-campus Christian Academy. Please email debbie@yorktown.cc to submit a resume or request further information.

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