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Faith Baptist Church | Palmhurst, TX

Posted Date 7/22/2020

School Administrator Job Description

Faith Christian Academy

School Administrator

The School Administrator is to serve as the chief-administrative officer and education advisor for the School Board. He is a non-voting member of the School Board. The School Administrator, as the board’s chief-administrative officer, is responsible for placing into effect all policies of the Board. The School Administrator needs to believe strongly in the academic and spiritual mission and philosophy of the school and promote the goals and objectives of the school.


  • Overseen by: Pastor/ Christian Ed Director / School Board
  • Works in coordination with: Pastor, Christian Ed Director, Teachers, Treasurer
  • Academic requirements: Valid Administrative Credentials, Master’s degree in education or related area
  • Other requirements:
  • Born-again Evangelical Christian
  • Holds to the tenants of the Baptist faith.
  • Is in harmony with the practices of Faith Baptist Church.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, relates well with parents, works collaboratively with others to improve the educational program and overall school management
  • Demonstrates creativity and imagination in bringing about positive change and willing to take risks to improve student learning and meet student special needs.
  • Is abreast of current educational issues and trends in general and in Christian education in particular.
  • Believes firmly in the goals and objectives of the school and willing to fully support and carry out all established policies and procedures to the best of their ability.



Policies and Procedures:

  1. Establish administrative procedures to implement school policy
  2. Works in harmony with the policies of Faith Baptist Church.
  3. Works with the Pastor, Christian Education Director, School Board, principals, faculty and community to develop and/or revise school-wide goals and long-term improvement plans.
  4. Executes the policies established by the School Board and ensures all staff members are aware of and are acting in according with the stated philosophy, mission, goals and objectives of Faith Christian Academy.
  5. Apprise teachers and other faculty of school rules and policies and promote enforcement.
  6. Propose policy changes or updating when the need arises.
  7. Personally support and uphold the school’s policies and procedures.
  8. Establish the annual School Calendar including activities.
  9. Establish and facilitate a network of communication that is timely, informative and reaches all staff.
  10. Be responsible for and supervise the daily planning and administration of the school program within the philosophy, purpose and goals of the school.
  11. Explain the school philosophy and policies to staff, parents and students.
  12. Interview the families of incoming students.
  13. Maintain effective relationships with parents by being available to them.
  14. Evaluate the school's program regularly with input from the faculty and School Board.
  15. Interview and recommend qualified faculty and staff for employment by the School Board.
  16. Formulate the annual school budget and present it for approval to the School Board, Church Finance Committee and the Church in conference.
  17. Prepare faculty/staff and parent/student handbooks.
  18. Be responsible for the implementation of the discipline policy.
  19. Ensure that accurate records are kept on student achievement, attendance and behavior.

Supervision of Staff:

  1. Be responsible for the selection of the members of the instructional staff.
  2. Approve the hiring of support staff.
  3. Assign or alter the assignments of, and transfer members of the teaching staff to meet the needs of the school and maximize efficiency.
  4. Formulate and administer plans to evaluate the efficiency and performance of each member of the staff and keep each employee informed regarding their employment status.
  5. Be responsible for coordinating of in-service training programs to promote staff development and improvement of instruction.
  6. Oversee the supervision and evaluation of all faculty and staff.  Assist with teacher supervision and evaluation as necessary.
  7. Provide the School Board a summary of teacher accomplishments and concerns.
  8. Complete a summative year-end evaluation for each teacher to be placed in their personnel file.
  9. Use a variety of methods to express appreciation for strengths and efforts of teachers.

Curriculum / Professional Development:

  1. Be responsible for the development and effective operation of curriculums, special courses, chapel, and activities, which will provide a complete, adequate, and thorough system of education and physical care for all students attending the schools.
  2. Ensure that curriculum is updated as needed and revised according to policy schedule.
  3. Analyze textbook needs and proposes the changing and updating of textbooks according to school policy.
  4. Maintain current information on educational trends and ideas and evaluate their application to Faith Christian Academy.
  5. Provide opportunities for professional development for all teachers and staff.
  6. Examine academic progress of all students including SAT scores and develop educational strategies in areas of concern. 

Financial / Budget:

  1. Meet regularly with the treasurer to review the financial matters of the school.
  2. Assist with fund raising and capital development.
  3. Making sure that checking accounts have sufficient funds deposited to carry out school business.
  4. Approve or deny purchase requests corresponding to areas within the budget.
  5. Ensure that the school meets legal requirements.
  6. Recommend salary schedules.
  7. Prepare Teacher Contracts.

Plant Facilities /Safety:

  1. Establish and review emergency procedures for the school and administer the practice of such procedures.
  2. Review and approve all health and safety regulations for the school.

Public Relations:

  1. Foster positive community relationships.
  2. Organize with the direction and input from the School Board, all Parent related school activities.
  3. Organize special activities.


  1. Any other duties assigned by the Pastor / School Board.


Christian School
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Southern Baptist TEXAN Announcement (max 50 words). Please include whether FT/PT and the City/State.
Faith Christian Academy ( in Palmhurst, TX is seeking a full time Christian School Administrator. Bi-lingual preferred but not required. Send resume to

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