Associate Pastor of Students

First Baptist Church Burkburnett | Burkburnett, TX

Posted Date 6/22/2022
First Posted6/22/2022

General Description:

The Associate Pastor of Students is responsible for providing leadership and vision in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive student ministry (6th–12th grades) for First Baptist Church, Burkburnett.

Specific Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Student Ministries. Plan, coordinate, and lead in all aspects of the church’s ministries and programs for students from 6th grade through 12th grade, including (but not limited to): conducting compelling and relevant student-specific worship activities (primarily on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings during Life Groups, and at creative times throughout the year), preaching God's word in a faithful and applicable way during such gatherings, leading growing and multiplying student Life Groups, scheduling and leading summer camps and mission trips, engaging in strategically-designed discipleship efforts among students, developing biblical and gospel-centered resources for students and parents, maintaining active involvement in school and athletic functions in support of students and families, and planning and leading regular recreational and fellowship activities. As all roles on our staff team, this role also helps to support others in their ministry efforts. 
  1. Recruitment of Volunteers. Enlist, recruit, train, and develop all volunteers needed for student ministry, including Wednesday night staffing needs, Life Group leaders, adult mentors and leaders, and adult sponsors to student events.
  1. Parent Ministry. (a) Design, plan, and conduct periodic meetings to engage and update families of students and (b) plan and coordinate, either in conjunction with the Director of Children’s Ministry or only for the student ministry, periodic training programs for parents of teenagers or soon-to-be-teenagers regarding issues relating to the teenage years and ways for parents to raise teenagers faithfully according to God’s word.
  1. Compliance with Sexual Abuse Awareness Policy. Ensure all student leaders and volunteers are in compliance with the church’s Ministry Safe sexual abuse awareness requirements. Evaluate the ministry’s safety and effectiveness and maintain awareness of best practices in sexual abuse prevention. 
  1. Budgeting. Prepare, monitor, and administer annual budgets for the student ministry.
  1. University Ministries. Seek to establish pathways for university students to worship, serve, and grow at First Baptist Church, Burkburnett. This includes establishing and evaluating a class for university students as well as supporting said class through investment, evaluation, and support. This is a secondary role; as such, emphasis to students in 6th – 12th will maintain first priority in time, resourcing, and emphasis.
  1. Ministerial Functions. Function as a member of the pastoral staff performing baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other similar functions as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  1. Staff Participation. Attend all staff meetings, trainings, and evaluations. Provide productive contributions to the decisions and direction of staff deliberations. Work alongside other staff members to support them in their events and needs.
  1. Other Duties. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Spiritual and Professional Qualifications:

  1. Salvation and Spiritual Growth. Has a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrates a passion for Christ, his word, and his kingdom through personal spiritual disciplines, accountability, discipleship, and faithful public ministry. Only candidates who willingly affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 will be considered. 
  1. Pastoral Calling. Meets the requirements of a pastor/elder/overseer as defined in Scripture (1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1) and has a calling and desire to serve the church in a pastoral role. Further, candidate must embody the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) in his home and in his ministry. As a leader, commits to supporting the church through service, prayer, financial giving, and through abiding in totality with the church's personnel handbook and expectations.
  1. Ability to Lead and Disciple. Has the ability to lead and teach students and parents in an engaging and constructive way, including the ability to connect the activities and programs of the student ministry with the overall mission of the church.
  1. Practical Vision. Able to establish a vision for the student ministry of the church that is consistent with the overall vision and mission of the church and is able to implement that vision to move the church forward toward accomplishing the vision.
  1. People Skills. Has strong people skills and the ability to work as a team member and to connect with students (of differing ages, interests, and personalities), student families, and members of the church.
  1. Wisdom in Student Relationships. Has wisdom with respect to developing and maintaining appropriate professional relationships with students while avoiding personal and intimate relationships with any students in the student ministry. Any inappropriate relationship with a student or member of the church is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  1. Desire for Excellence. Strives for excellence and creativity in the student ministry and in all aspects of his life and career. Continually seeks to improve both personal skillset in preaching, leadership, and relationship-building, as well as constantly improving the student ministry’s programming and environment. 
  1. Education. Possesses (or currently pursuing) a degree in Christian studies or ministry is preferred but not required.
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Our church/ministry is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
Our church/ministry understands and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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