Senior Pastor

Brownsville Baptist Church, Brownsville, TN | Brownsville, TN

Posted Date 12/04/2023
First Posted4/11/2022

Brownsville Baptist Church is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor who meets the biblical qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1–7, Titus 1:6–9, and 1 Peter 5:1–5, and adheres to Baptist Faith and Message 2000 in life and doctrine.


Brownsville, Tennessee is a growing and close-knit agricultural community of 10,000 in West Tennessee between Jackson and Memphis. It is the county seat of Haywood County.


Brownsville is proud to be known as the home of Blue Oval City. Blue Oval City is a tremendous investment by Ford Motor Company to bring over 6,000 permanent manufacturing jobs and up to 30,000 support jobs to Haywood County as they build the largest automotive production plant in the world. Because of this project, Brownsville Baptist Church sees a “Divine appointment” for evangelism and church growth.


Brownsville Baptist Church’s ideal Pastor is a member of a Southern Baptist church and a servant-leader with proven ability to equip and empower leaders to fulfill the mission of the church. The Pastor will have experience developing and implementing strategies for the church’s ministries, including discipleship, outreach and missions.


A Southern Baptist Seminary degree with leadership experience at a Southern Baptist church is required. Full-time Senior Pastor experience is preferred.

Sr/Lead Pastor
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Our church/ministry is out of state (TX) or out of the country (United States) and is not affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
Our church/ministry understands and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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