Youth Director

Walnut St. Baptist Church | Winnsboro, TX

Posted Date 10/07/2021
First Posted6/08/2021

Walnut St. Baptist Church, Winnsboro, TX, is seeking a full-time Youth Director.

The Youth Director is to be relatable to teens and understand their culture to the best of his/her ability.  Of primary concern for this position (aside from meeting biblical qualifications) is the Youth Director must have a healthy and active personal relationship with Jesus and a desire to biblically disciple teens.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Plan and direct regular Wednesday night ‘youth group’/worship service
  • Plan and coordinate camp(s) and other extra youth activities
  • Form and implement a system for making disciples among students
  • Prioritize connecting with and involving parents of students
  • Manage student ministry budget
  • Proper time management as warranted for ‘full-time’ position designation
  • Involvement/attendance at student events/activities (when possible)
  • Regular Sunday worship service attendance
  • Regular attendance and involvement in church activities/events
  • Driver/rider for Wednesday night van/bus route
  • Recruit and train youth workers/volunteers to assist youth director
  • Encourage students to become active members of Walnut St. Baptist Church, including being involved in Sunday School and other church-related activities
  • Cooperate with other ministries within the church and with other youth ministries in the community (when possible)
Salary40000.00 Annual
Full-Time | Part-Time
Southern Baptist TEXAN Announcement (max 50 words). Please include whether FT/PT and the City/State.
Walnut St. Baptist Church, Winnsboro, TX, is seeking a full-time Youth Director. Please send resumes to and/or call (806) 778-0103 if interested.

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