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Southcliff Church | FORT WORTH, TX

Posted Date 5/11/2022
First Posted1/13/2021

Mission6 is a minimum 6-month internship focused on ministry to refugees and others living in a local apartment complex.  It is considered a paid internship, but the payment will be “non-cash compensation” of housing and utilities (including electricity, water, and internet) at the Crossings820 Apartments, where many refugee families live.  The minimum commitment is 6 months, some have served for 1-3 years.



  • To join what God is doing among the refugee population and others living in the Crossings 820 Apartments (formerly the Fountains Apartments) by placing committed Christian singles in apartments. They will live and do ministry with the purpose of leading people into a “thriving relationship with God.”
  • To provide much needed help in the various “World Friends” ministries of Southcliff Baptist Church.
  • To provide valuable experiences in cross-cultural ministry for young adults who are considering future overseas work or ministry to internationals in the U.S.



  • The Share Pastor will interview and recruit 6 interns (preferably 3 men and 3 women). These should be single adults who are interested in missions, international ministry, and/or apartment ministry. Consideration will be made as to how well these interns will work together and live together.  These interns are usually single.  On special occasions, married couples may be hired if both are able to serve.
  • We currently have space for one female and one male. We have two 3-bedroom apartments and there is room for one in the men’s apartment and one in the women’s apartment.
  • Southcliff will furnish the apartments as needed. Some interns may have their own items. 
  • Each intern should have their own private bedroom. If one master bedroom is significantly larger, we will work together for an amiable solution. 
  • Each intern will be given a unique job description based on our needs and their abilities. The intern will keep a timesheet that would be submitted by email each Sunday to the Share Pastor for review.
  • The compensation for this work will equal the average amount of rent and utilities (including internet) in addition to the taxes that will need to be deducted. Each intern will document 12 hours of work each week (this includes meetings).   The cash value of the hourly work will be approximately $9 per hour.
  • The interns will have a weekly meeting together on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM. Usually, the Share Pastor will lead these.  They would also have coaches who will be willing to meet with them to help them develop their ministries.  We also have a meeting at 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings. 
  • Interns will be allowed to have another job as long as it does not interfere with their work.
  • Students may apply for these positions, but any absences due to school activities will need to be approved. Please note that ministry needs are present even when papers are due and exams are coming up.
  • The interns will join Southcliff Baptist Church and will function as staff member. Your character will need to be above reproach.
  • The interns will complete “MinstrySafe” child abuse prevention training.
  • Interns will be invited to Southcliff staff meetings every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays at 1:30 PM. This is not mandatory.
  • Expectations related to character, house rules, boundaries with minors, etc. will be clearly stated.


  • Each intern will need to work together to share the apartment in ways that benefits everyone. Bathrooms and parking spaces will be shared.  Cleaning duties need to be shared.  Having guests over needs to be a positive experience for everyone.  The interns might offer their living room to be used for Bible studies, etc.


 The goal is to recruit interns who will be successful for 6 - 12 months. Yet, if intern is unable to meet expectations, the SHARE Pastor may choose to end the internship early for that individual.


Highest Level of Education Required
High School
Minimum Experience in Years
Southern Baptist TEXAN Announcement (max 50 words). Please include whether FT/PT and the City/State.
Single young adults interested in cross-cultural ministry may apply to become a Missions Intern at Southcliff Baptist Church in Ft. Worth. You will work with a team to engage refugees and other apartment dwellers. You will complete a minimum of 12 hours of ministry per week in exchange for your room, utilities, and internet. Dr. Stu Cocanougher will mentor you as a part of the missions team.

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