Student Minister

Lane Prairie Baptist Church | Joshua, TX

Posted Date 5/11/2022
First Posted5/11/2022

Lane Prairie Baptist Church is searching for a full-time Student Minister.  Our current Student Minister and his wife are approved for appointment with the IMB.


Principle Function:
• Student Minister is responsible for developing and leading a comprehensive Student Ministry
   for students in 6th grade 12th grade.

Specific Ministry Requirements and Responsibilities:
• Facilitate opportunities to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ through effective evangelism
• Develop a disciple making strategy for students that involves equipping parents as their primary
   disciple makers
• Prepare and teach Sunday Bible Study, Wednesday Student Worship gathering, monthly K
   Group(home) meetings.
• Provide counsel , as the need to students, their parents, and student ministry workers
• Plan and lead Student Ministry events (Outreach, Camp, Fellowships, Mission Opportunities,
   DNOW/FamDay, etc.)etc.), with input from students and parents
• Enlist equip , and oversee Student Ministry workers
• Communicate Student Ministry information effectively to the Lead Pastor, parents, and
   congregation (email, text, social media, website)
• Manage and operate within the Student Ministry budget , as well as make budget proposals for
   the following fiscal year
• Develop , and support the Student Worship band
• Support students and their families by attending various extracurricular events (sports, band,

Additional Responsibilities:
• Attend weekly staff meetings
• Work under the general supervision of the Lead Pastor
• Be available for hospital visitation
• Serve as staff member on call for assigned week s
• Be available for weddings , and other special needs.
• Preach for the Lead Pastor as needed
• Assist the Lead Pastor as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
• Assist in the worship services as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.

Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Our church/ministry is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
Our church/ministry understands and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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