Youth Pastor

First Baptis Church of Andrews | Andrews, TX

Posted Date 10/28/2020

We are looking for a young man that...  

  • Is passionate about reaching students and their parents with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Is committed to Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the church, his family, and changing the world.
  • Has high intellect, a great personality, a willingness to risk, and a hunger to learn.
  • Works well in a gospel-aggressive, collaborative, and constantly evolving ministry environment.
  • Thrives at incarnational ministry and fashioning group culture and community. 
  • Naturally and effectively communicates with students individually, corporately, and through social media.
  • Demonstrates a natural and growing capacity to cast a vision, create strategies, form plans, recruit and equip a leadership team, and execute effectively. 
  • Can laugh at himself, drinks coffee and/or Dr. Pepper, loves Mexican food, excels at staff meeting dodgepaper games, has a minimum capacity of 10 large marshmallows in chubby bunny, is a gaggaball stud-muffin, and would be willing to wear ugly skinny jeans to build a crowd or raise money for world missions.   
  • Can take the reins of a great youth ministry and advance it to the next level.  
  • Is potentially the next great youth pastor in SBC life!   
Highest Level of Education Required
High School
Minimum Experience in Years

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