Minister of Youth

Pruitt Baptist church | van, TX

Posted Date 6/08/2021
First Posted6/08/2021

Minister of Youth (Full time paid )

  1. General Responsibilities

The Minister of Youth answers to the senior pastor and is an extension of his ministry at The Pruitt Baptist Church.  The Minister of Youth is responsible to develop a comprehensive program among and to youth between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.  This program should facilitate the salvation, spiritual development, and active ministry of youth in the church and community.  This position reports to the pastor. The youth minister ministry operates under the oospecies and direction of the senior pastor. 

  1. Specific Responsibilities
  2. Counsel with church program organization leaders in planning, conducting, and evaluating a youth education ministry and in enlisting appropriate youth workers
  3. Conduct special training projects for youth workers
  4. Provide direction in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by youth groups in all church program organizations
  5. Develop, plan, and conduct special projects (such as camps and retreats) for youth program organization groups, maintaining a balanced approach of outreach and development among events.
  6. Organize, coordinate, and lead youth workers for visitation for the youth division and lead workers to visit prospects and absentees
  7. Personal Qualifications

This person should be a born again Christian.

  1. The primary focus of this position is to YOUTH.
  2. Other responsibilities as requested by the pastor.
Highest Level of Education Required
Minimum Experience in Years
Southern Baptist TEXAN Announcement (max 50 words). Please include whether FT/PT and the City/State.
Full Time Position

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